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Day in the Life: Project Analyst (Consultant)

A Project Analyst may be assigned to one project, or to multiple projects at the same time.  They can be hired for a specific role (for example, as a Clinical Analyst to specifically help improve clinical documentation in an electronic… (READ MORE)

Day in the Life: Lead Trainer/Educator

A Lead Trainer or Lead Educator’s role is very important to the success of an EHR implementation or any new informatics-related project. The Lead Trainer or Educator is responsible for creating, reviewing, and updating lesson plans (also called “curriculum development”)… (READ MORE)

Skills Needed By an Informatics Nurse

One of the questions I have often been asked by friends wanting to become an Informatics Nurse is:  What skills do I need to have or develop if I want to take on a Nursing Informatics job? Being successful in… (READ MORE)

Nursing Informatics Degree/Certificate Programs

Below is an informational list of Nursing Informatics Degree/Certificate Programs.  This is not a comprehensive list and is NOT in any way an endorsement or recommendation by the website owner of any of the schools listed below.  Please use your… (READ MORE)

Day in the Life: EHR Superuser

Before any new technology gets implemented in the clinical arena, a lot of work has already gone into identifying the problem or need for such new technology, picking the right tool, programming or tweaking the tool for use in a… (READ MORE)

Day in the Life: EHR Analyst

An EHR (Electronic Health Record) Analyst role is usually an entry-level role in the world of Nursing Informatics.  It may or may not require previous experience in the clinical area.  People from different backgrounds who have a desire and aptitude… (READ MORE)