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The Busy Bedside Nurses’ Bootcamp

Welcome to the Busy Bedside Nurses’ Bootcamp!

Hello! Are you a bedside nurse who –

  • wants to learn non-clinical skills to help you go up the career ladder?
  • wants to become more productive at home and at work?
  • wants to expand your professional skill set and accomplish more?


If you are, then you’ve come to the right place!


The Busy Bedside Nurses’ Bootcamp is NOT a gym workout for your back muscles or leg muscles.


It IS a kind of workout – but for your MIND and your WILL to learn and grow!


The Busy Bedside Nurses’ Bootcamp is a series of online courses and half-day classes that aims to teach nurses non-clinical skills that will equip them to go up the career ladder, be more productive, and expand their professional skill set so they can do more and achieve more!


These courses and classes are taught in a language that nurses understand, with real-world examples that nurses can relate to.  Business and computer jargon are simplified and “nursified”!


Coming soon!


The Busy Bedside Nurses Bootcamp in Project Management – distills the most essential information about project management as well as the most important skills needed by successful project managers.


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