Nursing Informatics Jobs around the U.S. (July 2020) These job openings are available in their respective websites as of 12 noon on July 23, 2020. I’ve included the Nursing license and education requirements when I saw them.  Please note that there are other requirements/qualifications for these jobs besides those I […]
As an Informatics Nurse, I’m an essential health care worker. Here are some of the things I do to support safe patient care and help improve outcomes: 🔹 I help provide correct and timely electronic medical record (EMR) access to clinicians.🔹 I work with clinicians and data analysts to develop […]
The world of Nursing Informatics is deep and complex, and nurses can fill varied and multi-faceted roles in this arena. This new field is still very much in the process of growing and defining itself.  The roles listed below can serve as a guide or a starting point for the […]