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Welcome to Your Guide to the World of Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics is defined by the American Nurses Association as “a specialty that integrates nursing science with multiple information and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage, and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice.” (ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing Informatics Practice, 2nd Edition, 2015, pp. 1 – 2)

But what exactly does integrating nursing science with multiple informational and analytical sciences mean?  How is that applied in actual nurse informaticist jobs?  What skills does a nurse need to have in order to be effective in a nurse informaticist role?  And how does one transition from a job as a bedside or clinical nurse into the nursing informatics field?

If you’ve ever asked one or all of the above questions – you’ve come to the right place!  This website aims to answer the above questions, and more!

Getting Started


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    • Check out the News page to find curated informatics news articles.

Hello! Are you a bedside nurse who –

  • wants to learn non-clinical skills to help you go up the career ladder?
  • wants to become more productive at home and at work?
  • wants to expand your professional skill set and accomplish more?

Head to the Busy Bedside Nurses’ Bootcamp page for more info!

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  1. Gary K. Cameron MSA, BSN, RN, CCM

    I would like regular informational updates as I am completing my PhD at UAMS and believe this will be extremely useful for my future work. Thank you


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