Are you a seasoned, motivated Nurse

who is seriously considering a career in

Nursing Informatics

and is looking for real-world, practical, no-nonsense methods

to achieve this goal?

Welcome to TheInformaticsNurse.com!

Have you ever thought –

“I can’t work in Nursing Informatics without a Master’s degree”.

“Even now that I have a Master’s degree in Nursing Informatics, I still don’t know where to start”.

“I know I can do the job, I just need some practical guidance about what to do first”.

“I just can’t find any Nursing Informatics jobs in my city”.

“Hiring managers are only looking for nurses with experience, but how can I get experience if no one will hire me?”

I can help you.

Not just with theories but with real-world examples from the trenches.

Not just with concepts but concrete action steps that you can take immediately.

  I’m Fatima Sharon Gatela, BSN, RN-BC (Nationally Board certified in Informatics Nursing)

  …and I can help you

    ► Gain confidence   

   ► Stand out   

    ► And get ready to launch your Nursing Informatics career                  

        Starting from where and who you are as a clinician.

Ten years ago, I was where you are now. 

I felt that I had many of the skills and knowledge needed to be an Informatics Nurse. 

I believed that I could truly make a valuable contribution to patients, other clinicians, and the Nursing profession in this specialty – if only I was given the chance.

The problem was that I just didn’t know where or how to start.

Then I took the first step, and began an amazing journey that surpassed even my own imagination.

Since then, I’ve worked as:

 ♦ An electronic health record (EHR) Application Analyst at a wonderful academic medical center in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   

 ♦ A Project Consultant at one of the top five academic medical centers in the U.S., and able to work remote for up to 80% of the time.   

 ♦ A Health Information Program Manager with expertise in medical record regulatory standards and policy, managing a portfolio of more than 100 Nursing-related compliance reports and coordinating multiple enterprise-wide committees, projects, and work groups that all work together to ensure optimal health information integrity for the organization.

Are you ready to take
in YOUR journey?

If you are, I invite you to the Nursing Informatics Now webinar with LIVE Q&A.

At the Webinar, you will learn:

– 3 Major Myths that are preventing nurses from switching to Nursing Informatics careers, and how to bust them.

– 3 Main Mistakes nurses make when starting out in their Nursing Informatics career transition, and how you can avoid them.

– 3 Masterful Moves that you can do immediately, so you can start on the path towards your dream of having a career in Nursing Informatics.

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