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The book has great information. I wish I had this info when I was looking for a Nursing Informatics role a few years back. It would have helped me identify job postings related to NI and understand the roles better to help me ace my interviews. Very good resource for those just starting out or wanting to enter the field.

I really enjoyed reading your ebook. Thank you again for the discount on it. The book helped me understand the different roles of nursing informatics better and helped me figure out which area I want to focus getting into and gaining prior experience in. It’s an easy read and I was able to understand it.
I am very interested in taking some of the mini online courses you’ll be doing! And I’m going to try asking my manager if I can volunteer for chart auditing 🙂
thank you again for the guidance you’ve provided in this book. It made it feel a little less overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin when getting into the field.
Samantha Smith

A complete, accurate, and timely ebook for nurses who want to expand their knowledge, gain skills, and positive attitude towards the power of data and it’s impact in patient care, billing, quality, and research to develop best practice and standard workflow.

This ebook is a guide, a blueprint, a must read!

Joyce Nacario

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