Essential ?

As an Informatics Nurse, I’m an essential health care worker.

Here are some of the things I do to support safe patient care and help improve outcomes:

 I help provide correct and timely electronic medical record (EMR) access to clinicians.
 I work with clinicians and data analysts to develop criteria for reports that show clinical documentation compliance, make sure that the report logic makes sense, and validate that the results display accurate information. 
 I participate in projects that help improve the clinical documentation tools in the EMR and/or their related workflows.
 I answer questions about federal and state regulatory standards for clinical documentation.

Here are some other things that other Informatics Nurses like me do to support patients and organizations:

 Create and customize EMR or EHR (electronic health record) documentation tools such as electronic forms, flowsheets, medical administration records, and the like.
 Consolidate and analyze information from reports and share the results and insights with decision-makers.
 Evaluate the functionality of software and devices to make sure they conform to government regulations and are safe for patients to use.

In all my work, I advocate for safe patient care and the security and privacy of patient health information.  I also advocate for tools and workflows that help improve clinician satisfaction, or at the very least, do not add to clinician documentation burden.

I am a nurse first and foremost.  I am a nurse through and through.

All the best,

Fatima Gatela, BSN, RN-BC, 


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