Quick Tip: Avoid Using Acronyms During Interviews

AVOID using acronyms. In cases where you feel you need to because using an acronym is pertinent to the point you’re making, provide the meaning of the acronym as well as a very brief explanation.

WHO: Nurses interviewing for Nursing Informatics-related positions

WHY: The interview panel may be composed of both nurses and non-nurses, and acronyms that may make sense with some panelists may be unfamiliar to others.Even if you’re applying for a position in the same organization, don’t assume that everyone in the panel is familiar with the acronyms that are in use in your department. Remember that as an Informatics Nurse, one of your roles is to be the bridge between the technical and clinical worlds, so the panel is likely to be evaluating your ability to communicate unfamiliar concepts.


INSTEAD OF: “I’m a member of the STAT Committee and I really enjoy the challenge”.

SAY SOMETHING LIKE: “The Sepsis Tracking And Treatment* or STAT committee which I actively participate in is composed of nurses, physicians, and pharmacists. We develop procedures and protocols as well as use data from the EHR to more easily and quickly identify patients who are at risk for sepsis.”

(*I just made up this committee name and any resemblance to an actual committee name is purely coincidental)