Quick Tip: Basic Do’s and Dont’s for Video Interviews Why: Some job interviews are now being conducted via video in order for hiring managers or teams to comply with social distancing requirements during the pandemic. While you may now be able to attend interviews remotely, usually from the comfort of […]
DO use the S.T.A.R. technique when answering behavioral interview questions during interviews. The acronym stands for: S – SituationT – TaskA – ActionR – Result These interview questions (which are often preceded by statements in the form of a request) include: “Tell me about a time when you [were in […]
AVOID using acronyms. In cases where you feel you need to because using an acronym is pertinent to the point you’re making, provide the meaning of the acronym as well as a very brief explanation. WHO: Nurses interviewing for Nursing Informatics-related positions WHY: The interview panel may be composed of […]