WHO: This tip is especially helpful for beginners and students, or bedside/clinical nurses who are looking to establish or improve data analysis skills WHY: This is one practical way of building your Nursing Informatics skill, enhancing your value, contributing to your workplace, and improving patient safety/patient outcomes HOW: Here is […]
WHY: Lifelong learning about topics that interest or inspire you is not only fun, it also helps you grow personally and professionally. BONUS TIP: LinkedIn Learning has a free 1-month trial!Topics in LinkedIn Learning include: Excel essentials, Tableau basics, Data Analytics fundamentals, Project Management, and even Small Business Ownership. For […]
Try to solve a real problem in your unit/department with the help of data and data analytics. WHO: This tip is especially for beginners with no formal NI experience yet. WHY: No matter how large or small your unit/department is and no matter how well-run it is, there’s always room […]
Try asking your department/unit manager if you can volunteer for any EHR chart or documentation audits. WHO: This tip is especially useful for beginners with no formal Nursing Informatics experience yet. WHY: Department/unit managers often keep track and/or have to report on a number of patient safety or quality of […]