Quick Tip: Find and Utilize Free or Low-cost High-quality Online Educational Content

WHY: Lifelong learning about topics that interest or inspire you is not only fun, it also helps you grow personally and professionally.

BONUS TIP: LinkedIn Learning has a free 1-month trial!
Topics in LinkedIn Learning include: Excel essentials, Tableau basics, Data Analytics fundamentals, Project Management, and even Small Business Ownership.

For Nursing Informatics-related educational content, I scour through the large association websites such as HIMSS, ANIA, and AHIMA.
Some EHR vendors have a a ton of free educational materials, although access is often restricted to their clients’ employees.

Other resources include Udemy, Coursera, and Teachable – read the reviews since some of the courses are not as good as others. Or wait for deals – some courses that usually cost $99 or $199 sometimes go on sale for $20 or less.
And don’t forget https://www.mooc.org/ (Massive Open Online Courses), https://www.khanacademy.org/ and https://www.ted.com/.