Quick Tip: Include Level of EMR Familiarity or Proficiency Level in Your Resume

When writing your resume, include any EMR system that you know how to use for clinical documentation and your corresponding skill level (familiar, proficient, expert, etc.). This is especially helpful for those who don’t have a lot of previous experience doing ‘build’ or EMR project implementations yet.

Why: The value of mentioning/highlighting your EMR clinical documentation experience is that it shows the screener(s) or the hiring team that you know the basic concepts for that particular EMR – including where certain types of clinical documentation are located (i.e. lab results, assessments, medication administration), how the system works for end-users, what issues other clinicians have experienced or may be experiencing when using the system, etc.

https://www.high-endrolex.com/10Depending on the organization, there may be more than one level of applicant pre-screening involved in the hiring process. This may include an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), HR recruiters/screeners and/or the hiring manager or other department-based screener(s). Help these screeners understand your value – don’t assume that they will know that working at a specific hospital/organization means you’re familiar/proficient with using a certain type of EMR – write the EMR name and specify your level of competence in it.