We are the inspiration we’ve been waiting for.

Many times we look outside ourselves for inspiration.  We look to celebrities, historical figures, mentors, guides, and even books, movies, videos, and stories.  We look at other people, including family members, friends, and co-workers.

We hope that something in them would excite or motivate us.  Light a fire inside us.

To make us excel.

To help us achieve our goals and dreams.

To make us do amazing things with our lives.

But really, we don’t have far to look.

That fire that we were looking for in different places, or have been waiting to ignite for so long?

It’s really inside us.


Look at your own life.

Look deep.

Look with appreciation.

How many times have you fallen, and gotten back up again?

How many times have you come across seemingly insurmountable odds, and came out winning on the other side?

How many people, who have lived lives different from your own, would look at your life and say with wonder – OMG, this person (meaning YOU) is so amazing.

Or talented. Or gifted. Or blessed.

Or very, very lucky.

Sure, you may have stumbled and made mistakes in the past, but you kept on getting up and moving on.

You may have gotten lost, but somehow you got your bearings back and restarted going in the right direction.

And life may have occasionally (maybe even often) thrown some curve balls at you, but you kept on fighting.




You are an inspiration to others.

YOU are the inspiration you’ve always been looking for.

With love and respect,
Fatima Gatela, BSN, RN-BC