Instead of writing an “Objective” section that states that you want to obtain or land a role in the company, write a “Professional Summary” that highlights your skill set and experience. WHY: You want to communicate to the hiring team what’s in it for them (your contribution and value to […]
Try to find out the name of the Hiring Manager so you can customize the greeting/salutation of your cover letter. If you are unable to do so, use “Dear Hiring Manager” or “(Name of Department) Manager” or even “(Name of Job Opening) Search Team”. Avoid using “Dear Sir or Madame”, […]
Try to solve a real problem in your unit/department with the help of data and data analytics. WHO: This tip is especially for beginners with no formal NI experience yet. WHY: No matter how large or small your unit/department is and no matter how well-run it is, there’s always room […]
DO use the S.T.A.R. technique when answering behavioral interview questions during interviews. The acronym stands for: S – SituationT – TaskA – ActionR – Result These interview questions (which are often preceded by statements in the form of a request) include: “Tell me about a time when you [were in […]
AVOID using acronyms. In cases where you feel you need to because using an acronym is pertinent to the point you’re making, provide the meaning of the acronym as well as a very brief explanation. WHO: Nurses interviewing for Nursing Informatics-related positions WHY: The interview panel may be composed of […]
Try asking your department/unit manager if you can volunteer for any EHR chart or documentation audits. WHO: This tip is especially useful for beginners with no formal Nursing Informatics experience yet. WHY: Department/unit managers often keep track and/or have to report on a number of patient safety or quality of […]
When writing your resume, include any EMR system that you know how to use for clinical documentation and your corresponding skill level (familiar, proficient, expert, etc.). This is especially helpful for those who don’t have a lot of previous experience doing ‘build’ or EMR project implementations yet. Why: The value […]
Nursing Informatics Salary as of December 2016 According to the HIMSS 2017 Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey, in 2016 “nearly half (46 percent) of respondents indicated a salary of over $100,000, while in 2014 only 33 percent of respondents had a salary over $100,000, an increase of 13 percentage points”.  Download […]
A Project Analyst may be assigned to one project, or to multiple projects at the same time.  They can be hired for a specific role (for example, as a Clinical Analyst to specifically help improve clinical documentation in an electronic health record system, or as a Tester or Trainer).  They […]
Nursing Informatics salaries, while they have been steadily increasing over the past few years, are quite variable, depending on the job or role, the demand for a specific skill set, the location, and the years of experience a certain candidate brings to the table. The 2011 HIMSS Nursing Informatics Workforce […]